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A hotel is the people, who work in it

Not the walls and interior design make the success of a hotel. A hotel is the people who work in it. According to this principle, F&B departments in Focus Hotels operate according to a well-functioning system of recruitment, training, information flow and motivational tools. We work with a personnel check-in system, end-of-day reports and operational meetings. Our priority is that each, even the smallest, piece of information, is shared between departments, and passed to both managers and ordinary employees. Thanks to this, the needs and wishes of our guests are recognised and satisfied.

Each employee sees, the opportunity for promotion

We have created recruitment forms, according to which candidates’ skills, knowledge, foreign language skills and experience are checked. Each new employee receives a training list, which includes several dozens of points. They gain knowledge of working in a restaurant and at the bar in accordance with it for two weeks, during which they take 15-minute daily sessions with their coach - a senior waiter. Additional sources of information are a script with standard operating procedures and checklists for opening and closing shifts. Permanent staff have the opportunity to acquire new information thanks to short weekly trainings. They are organized according to the principle: one employee - once a week - fifteen minutes. Thanks to the hierarchy of employment, each employee sees the opportunity for development and promotion. Professional trainings help them broaden their expertise and monthly sales contests motivate them additionally.

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