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Focus Hotel

3-star facilities offering guests the best value for money. These hotels enjoy high popularity among our guests and have repeatedly won prizes in the most prestigious industry competitions such as: Top Hotel, Hotel of the Year HRS & Forbes and Best Hotel Award. City business Focus hotels are located downtown and at major transport hubs. The rooms are furnished with a comfortable bed, flat screen TV, a desk, free high-speed Internet and tea and coffee brewing sets. In all hotels there is a sauna and a gym free for the guests and a 24-hour lobby bar. There is also a restaurant available in 3-star hotel. The services of these hotels are addressed mainly to business guests.

Focus Hotel Premium

Our 4-star hotels in the Premium standard have been designed for business and individual guests. Located in city centres and business districts, they offer comfortable rooms with interesting design and excellent service. Each room has a large flat screen TV, a wide and comfortable bed, a desk, tea and coffee brewing sets and high-speed Internet. Each hotel has an excellent restaurant serving high-quality dishes. There is also a lobby bar open 24/7 and a sauna and gym, free for hotel guests.
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