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Modern principles of central price management

The sale of Focus Hotels services follows the modern principles of central price management based on a number of factors, including monitoring of the current sales situation in facilities based on industry reports, monitoring of competition, historical data. Decisions are always made on the basis of experience and knowledge, never speculation. The process of uploading prices and availability in all online channels is automated, and all bookings are transferred directly to the hotel’s reception system. Centralised segmentation makes it possible to direct sales initiatives to specific markets, which increases their effectiveness. Forecasting of hotel results on an ongoing basis and regular sales meetings help implement income adjusted activities well in advance.

Multi-channel promotion of hotel offers

At the same time, the company aims to increase the volume of sales through its own website in order to reduce commission fees charged by intermediaries selling hotel services. For this purpose, a multi-channel promotion of hotel offers is conducted. Promotion in online channels includes advertising in Google search engine and banner advertising on popular websites, as well as mailing to recipients from our own database. These activities are carried out on a continuous basis, and they are intensified three times a year with a simultaneous price reduction, which allows to obtain good sales results in the low season. Currently, the company is implementing a new, responsive website and marketing automation system cooperating with it.

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